Deep Tissue Massage   Soft tissue manipulation,  giving better muscle function, more movement, and less pain. 

Remedial Massage   Gentle targeted massage, treating painful or limiting conditions and muscular injuries.  Excellent for back neck and shoulder problems and many other conditions.

Therapeutic Ultrasound     Painless non-intrusive treatment promoting faster healing, and avoiding heavy manipulation.

Sports Massage   For enhancement of sports performance, and rehabilitation after sports and other injuries.

Hypnotherapy   Forget the mystique of hypnosis – our treatments are ‘nuts and bolts’ therapies that use hypnosis as a tool to remove limitations and enable you to live life more fully.

Spray Tanning   For male and female clients.

Waxing     A complete Unisex body waxing service.  See our    waxing website.

Reflexology     So much more than a relaxing foot massage!  May promote well-being and healing too.  Brilliant for stress reduction.  For best results take a short course of treatments.