Deep Tissue Massage   firm manual manipulation, to work major muscle groups so as to allow better muscle function, more movement, and less stress! 

Remedial Massage   using gentle techniques and therapeutic ultrasound to treat painful, limiting conditions and muscular injuries.  Excellent for back neck and shoulder problems.

Therapeutic Ultrasound     A painless and non-intrusive treatment promoting healing of minor injuries as well as other sports and non-sports soft tissue conditions.  Very useful for gentle treatment of sprains and other painful injuries that don’t warrant manipulation.

Sports Massage   for enhancement of sports performance, rehabilitation following sports and other injuries, and the reduction of  workaday aches and pains.  We treat a vast range of limiting conditions including back ache, neck problems, tennis elbow, sprains, etc., etc.

Hypnotherapy   Forget the mystique of hypnosis – our treatments are ‘nuts and bolts’ therapies that use hypnosis as a tool, to remove limitations and to enable you to live life more fully. Always aware and in control, you’ll be amazed how hypnotherapy may help you to move forward!

Radio Frequency Skin Treatments   improving skin tone, reducing cellulite, diminishing wrinkles, and tightening skin so as to help redress sagging skin and signs of ageing.

Lipo Treatments   for both sexes.  Reduces fat in areas such as stomach, thighs, hips, tummy rolls, upper arms and (for men only) the chest.  This treatment works by gentle lipo-cavitation which is a form of high power ultrasound designed to target fat cells.

Body Sculpting by Ultrasonic Lipo Cavitation   See Lipo Treatments.   Excellent for treating stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to dieting.

Waxing     A complete professional body waxing service for both ladies and men.  See our dedicated   waxing website.

Reflexology     So much more than just a relaxing foot massage!  It’s also a very useful therapy, which may promote well-being and healing.   Also extremely good for relaxation and stress reduction.  With reflexology,  a short course often gives the best results.

Hot Stones Massage Therapy    A very gentle, pampering style of massage that uses super smooth, heated and oiled basalt stones to do the massage strokes, rather than hands .  A very special experience, and one of the most calming and enjoyable of the massage therapies!   Especially enjoyable when taken in the winter months.